How Much Heat Did Our Heat Pump Pump?

A talk given by local member and physicist, Guy Matthews, to Abingdon Carbon Cutters on 21st April 2021. Guy shares his family’s experience of replacing their gas boiler with an air-source heat pump, and living with it for the first year. Tips on choosing a supplier, figures on energy use and cost, are given from the point of view of an ordinary householder.

The Q&A session following Guy Matthews’ talk lasted almost as long as the talk itself and Guy’s answers were equally fascinating and informative. Here’s the recording…

1 thought on “How Much Heat Did Our Heat Pump Pump?”

  1. Very interesting and informative. The detailed answers given help us not to jump to simple conclusions, and it was good to be warned that manufacturers’ advice on choice between air-source and ground-source is not entirely unbiased. About 45 years ago, just south of Reading, I saw a home-made heat-pump assembled by a scientist largely out of scrap materials. Apparently it worked well and I came away thinking the system was about to become commonplace but—as always—the world sat back and waited for a crisis to loom.

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