Edible Abingdon @ Abbey Gardens

UPDATE! In May 2022, new raised beds went in at Abbey Gardens.

2017 saw the creation of a new veg bed in the Abbey Gardens itself, facing the ornamental beds.

The new bed in May 2017

The hard work began on April 1st with a work party to clear the bed, which had been full of shrubs and perennials for years and was due for renovation by the Vale gardening contractors. Instead they grubbed out most of them for us and the work party did the rest.

hard at work
Job done!
Many hands make light work
Looking towards the ornamental beds

A few days later we installed a giant rainwater-collector on a downpipe at the side of Abbey House.

It took 6 people to get it safely installed! It holds 700L of fresh water.

On Saturday 13th May, 15 of us dug over the bed again and planted Strawberries, chard, peas and lots of different herbs.