Carousel Cooking Club

The Carousel cooking Club is a weekly, Thursday morning cooking session at the Carousel Family Centre in South Abingdon for parents & toddlers.  Working together we produce lunch from ingredients provided by the Food Bank, sharing ideas, experimenting and learning new skills. We put together a tasty meal from scratch using limited, ‘left-over’ ingredients. (Ready, Steady Cook meets Masterchef!)  The children have become adept at chopping, mixing and grating.

Sometimes we have unusual combinations of food but so far we have not been defeated. From seven packets of beetroots we produced beetroot, orange and horseradish salad, beetroot and butternut squash soup, chocolate and beetroot cupcakes and beetroot risotto. The homemade lemon curd was a great success and was surprisingly easy to make.

Sharing the meal at the end of the session is very important. We discuss ideas on how to make money go further and reduce waste. The children are more willing to try new food when they see their friends tucking in.

Try this :  Parsnip soup                                                 Everyone wanted the recipe to this one!

Just click on the title to download a printable version.

July: Green Bean Timbale

June: Microwave Strawberry Jam

May: Vegetable Pasta Bake

April: Butternut & Beetroot soup

March: Potato Layer Bake

January: Seasonal Vegetable and Lentil soup for Apple Day