Tree Planting Group

Tree Planting Sat 18th March – sign up now!

We need more trees! Loads more, and we’re keen to plant them!
ACC’s Tree Planting Group emerged in late 2019, driven by our keenness to get more trees planted around Abingdon.  Our members each have different motives, amongst them:

  • School eco projects
  • Improve air quality
  • Climate change mitigation
  • CO2 absorption
  • Create wildlife habitats
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Improve mental health through de-stressing
  • Produce food locally
  • Improve food security
  • Improve visual environment and so encourage outdoor activities
  • The list goes on!

We have regular meetings, focusing on identifying places to plant trees, and discovering who owns those places. Verges, corners, public parks, fields… we are sure there is scope for more trees!  We won’t be planting just any old tree – it has to be the right tree in the right place. 

We’re also on the look out for enthusiastic ACC members who have the time to provide leadership within the group. Please email us if you’re interested.

We have several projects for mass plantings and hope to be reporting successful establishment of copses or woods or forests soon!