Why we do it

You can’t have failed to notice that, unless we do something to curb our carbon emissions, the future for humanity and for most living creatures looks pretty bleak. And it’s not just carbon: we are also carelessly destroying the planet with our use of chemicals and plastics, and our wasteful ways with so many natural resources.

But what should we do? Whinge and complain? Wait for governments and the powerful to take action? Will that ever happen and will it be enough? Aren’t the greedy so vested in making profits that doom is inevitable?

Well, here at Abingdon Carbon Cutters we believe that we can all do things individually to help. We can set examples and model the behaviours we want to see. And collectively, as a group of like-minded individuals, we have a louder voice – if we need to use it then people will hear it!

We are a modest environmental group working at the local level.  Every single person can make a difference but working together, sharing thoughts and skills, benefits both individuals and the community. It also means local government takes notice. Besides, working together is more fun!

If this interests you, and we hope it does, then please contact us.