Tolhurst Organic Veg Box Scheme

Weekly deliveries to a central Abingdon pick-up point

There aren’t many true box schemes left but this is one of them. Tolhurst Organic supply in-season organic vegetables dropped off every Thursday to points run by Neighbourhood Reps.  Almost all vegetables are harvested the day of delivery to guarantee their freshness. The bags will vary from week to week according to the season and availability of produce. You cannot choose the contents of your bag – if they were to pack individual requirements it would double the cost. However, to allow some flexibility they have a list of Extras available so that you may order extra items, such as potatoes, carrots, onions, salad packs or whatever there is a surplus of. There are three bag sizes and you can change the size and order as infrequently as you want. You can order Extra veg, Bread or Fruit only if you wish.

Most of the veg comes loose in a paper carrier bag with the mud still on. This bag is returned and re-used until it falls apart.

As well as helping to keep prices down, this way of delivery minimises food miles and reduces packaging to almost zero. 

Tolhurst Organic has teamed up with Aston’s bakery, a small artisan bakery that’s been making organic bread for nearly 30 years, to offer a choice of delicious freshly baked breads along with your regular fruit and veg; a great way to get a lot of your groceries in one go! All ingredients are organic and locally sourced (Doves Farm of Hungerford is currently supplying most flours) and the loaves are mixed, fermented and shaped by hand, left to proof and then baked on the stone floor of a large deck oven. The fermentation time is long, patience is the main ingredient and no artificial stuff is used anywhere.

For further info on Tolhurst Organic and to view the Extra produce available, please see

The pick-up point in the Abingdon area is in East Saint Helen Street. If you would like further information or to try a bag, please contact
Susie Howard  Tel: 07811 293310