Tips & Support

Some low cost steps to reduce energy bills, keep warm and reduce carbon emissions this winter:

  1. Use thick curtains and turn off heating in unused rooms
  2. Cover Any Exposed Pipes with insulating material
  3. Turn thermostat down To 18 Degrees unless warmer is
    required for health reasons
  4. Ensure your loft is well insulated
  5. Turn Off Electrical Appliances instead of on standby (save up to £55 a year)
  6. Cover Up Draughts and gaps in doors and window frames (save up to £45 a year)
  7. Move large furniture away from radiators
  8. Don’t keep heating on all day
  9. Wear warm clothes eg thermal underwear or thick jumper.
  10. Use a hot water bottle
  11. Avoid drying clothes on radiators
  12. Replace tumble dryer with drying racks (save up to £60 a year)
  13. Try to take short shower (4 minutes or less) instead of a bath (save up to £70 a year)
  14. Take back control of your kettle! Only heat what you need, no need to boil, don’t wait till it turns itself off.

Where to seek advice:

Note: ENERGY PRICE GUARANTEE starts 1st October: send in meter
readings before this date.