• Eco Action News, March 2022
    Talks: “Climate Positive Housing” by Ian Pritchett (CEO of Greencore Construction), and “Carbon Choices” by Neil Kitching.
    News from Abingdon Cuts Plastic and Abingdon Liveable Streets
    Updates from Trees Group, including news of the Rye Farm Meadow planting. Updates from
    Abingdon’s Green Forum with focus on Active Travel and Sustainable Transport
    Sharon Betts of Edible Abingdon creates a mini wildflower meadow and Fiona Habermehl of ACC Food Group makes beetroot burgers!
  • Eco Action News, December 2021
    Thinking about making Christmas presents? In this newsletter, our creative Carbon-Cutter, Fiona, describes how to make some truffles and lavender bags. Our local markets and shops have some neat ideas too.
  • Eco Action News, September 2021
    St Nicolas School Safer Street and Active Travel on Abingdon Bridge.
    Talks: “Compost Is Not A Dirty Word!” by James Wigmore and contributions by Lucille Savin and Susie Howard.
    Visit to Tiny Forest in Witney and to Zero-Carbon Homes by SSASSY in Southmore.
    Growing spinach and baking Spinach and Feta Pie!
    Eco-Action News, June 2021
    Talks: “How Much Heat Did Our Heat Pump Pump?” by Guy Matthews and “A Climate Emergency Centre For Abingdon?” by Space Generators. Bright Green Ideas Swap evening, how to grow sweetcorn, how to make a sweetcorn chowder, and much more!
  • Eco-Action News, March 2021
    Talks: “Carbon Offsetting” by Luke Hatton, “The need for both Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Abingdon Carbon Cutters” by Michelle Charlesworth, Jenny Hirst and Tim Hunt .
    ACC Support The CEE Bill Alliance, Grow Your Own Strawberries and Make A “Clean Out The Fridge” Frittata!
  • Eco-Action News, December 2020
    Talks: “Cosy Homes” by Geordie Stewart, “Solar Streets” by Andy Tunstall, “Carbon Footprint of Money” by Emily Passmore.
    Grow Your Own Microgreens, Christmas ideas including home-made mince pies, and how to have a Green Christmas.
  • Eco-Action News, September 2020
    Talk: “Family Climate and Ecological Emergency” by Daniel Scharf.
    Carbon Offsetting – A study by Luke Hatton, Grow Your Own Lambs Lettuce, and Make Your Own “Smoky Courgette Dip”
  • Eco-Action News, June 2020
    News on Abingdon Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan
    Talks: “What Price Local Democracy?” by Sue Roberts, “What Future For Gas In A Low Carbon World?” by Phil Coker.
    Grow Your Courgettes!, Make Your Own “Bottom of the Fridge Soup”, Photos Of ACC’s Flower Beds at Abbey Meadows.
  • Eco-Action News, March 2020
    Talks: “Low Carbon Travel – how do we get there?” by Phil Coker,
    “In Our Hands” a film by the Landworkers Alliance.
    ACC’s new Trees Group takes off, Grow Your Own Apple Trees!, Make Your Own Apple Bars!
  • Eco-Action News, Christmas 2019
    Carbon Cutters visit Tolhurst Farm
    Christmas Extravaganza – ACC win Best Decorated Christmas Stall!
    Film: “A Plastic Ocean”
    Talks: “Sunny, Windy Sundays” by Phil Coker, “Local Climate Action” by Chris Church.
    Grow Your Own Beansprouts! Make Your Own Fried Beansprouts!
  • Eco-Action News, September 2019
    New Repair Café at Oxford Wood Recycling, Local Excellence Market Stall
    Help Us Locate Sites For Tree-Planting!
    Talk: “My Carbon Footprint” by John Killick
    Extinction Rebellion Abingdon, Grow A Green Manure!, Make Your Own Courgette Cobbler!
  • Eco-Action News, June 2019
    Repair Café Success, Green Heart Hero Awards, Our contribution to the school strikes.
    Talks: “Oxfordshire’s Threatened Plants” by John Killick, “Good Composting” by Robert Longstaff.
    “Beyond The Tipping Point” Film Review
    Grow Your Own Carrots! Make Your Own Carrot and Orange Soup!
  • Eco-Action News, March 2019 
    Repair Café, Green Heart award,
    Agroecology and why it’s important for our degrading farmland.
    Talk: “What now? Next steps on climate change” by Christiana Figueres
    Interesting Reading, Grow Your Own Mixed Salad Leaves in Pots, Make Your Own Tsatsiki.
  • Eco-action News, June 2018  
    “Alternative Flower Beds” tour. Why Carbon Cutters promote grow-your-own food, Recipe of the Month, Grow your own Tomatoes.
  • Eco-action News, April 2018  This showcased a neat grid showing exactly what can and cannot be recycled and which bin to put things in; it also features the wonderful winning entries in our Futuristic Bike competition.
  • In February 2018 we started a new newsletter – Eco Action News – and hope that it will inspire young people to get involved in reducing the carbon footprint of our town. The first edition carried a competition for young people to design a futuristic bicycle, and both our local bike shops, Pedal Power and Behind Bars offered prizes including a free service for your bicycle. Read the first edition here.: Eco-Action News 1, Feb 2018