• Eco-Action News, March 2021
    Talks: “Carbon Offsetting” by Luke Hatton, “The need for both Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Abingdon Carbon Cutters” by Michelle Charlesworth, Jenny Hirst and Tim Hunt .
    ACC Support The CEE Bill Alliance, Grow Your Own Strawberries and Make A “Clean Out The Fridge” Frittata!

  • Eco-Action News, December 2020
    Talks: “Cosy Homes” by Geordie Stewart, “Solar Streets” by Andy Tunstall, “Carbon Footprint of Money” by Emily Passmore.
    Grow Your Own Microgreens, Christmas ideas including home-made mince pies, and how to have a Green Christmas.

  • Eco-Action News, September 2020
    Talk: “Family Climate and Ecological Emergency” by Daniel Scharf.
    Carbon Offsetting – A study by Luke Hatton, Grow Your Own Lambs Lettuce, and Make Your Own “Smoky Courgette Dip”

  • Eco-Action News, June 2020
    News on Abingdon Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan
    Talks: “What Price Local Democracy?” by Sue Roberts, “What Future For Gas In A Low Carbon World?” by Phil Coker.
    Grow Your Courgettes!, Make Your Own “Bottom of the Fridge Soup”, Photos Of ACC’s Flower Beds at Abbey Meadows.

  • Eco-Action News, March 2020
    Talks: “Low Carbon Travel – how do we get there?” by Phil Coker,
    “In Our Hands” a film by the Landworkers Alliance.
    ACC’s new Trees Group takes off, Grow Your Own Apple Trees!, Make Your Own Apple Bars!

  • Eco-Action News, Christmas 2019
    Carbon Cutters visit Tolhurst Farm
    Christmas Extravaganza – ACC win Best Decorated Christmas Stall!
    Film: “A Plastic Ocean”
    Talks: “Sunny, Windy Sundays” by Phil Coker, “Local Climate Action” by Chris Church.
    Grow Your Own Beansprouts! Make Your Own Fried Beansprouts!

  • Eco-Action News, September 2019
    New Repair Café at Oxford Wood Recycling, Local Excellence Market Stall
    Help Us Locate Sites For Tree-Planting!
    Talk: “My Carbon Footprint” by John Killick
    Extinction Rebellion Abingdon, Grow A Green Manure!, Make Your Own Courgette Cobbler!

  • Eco-Action News, June 2019
    Repair Café Success, Green Heart Hero Awards, Our contribution to the school strikes.
    Talks: “Oxfordshire’s Threatened Plants” by John Killick, “Good Composting” by Robert Longstaff.
    “Beyond The Tipping Point” Film Review
    Grow Your Own Carrots! Make Your Own Carrot and Orange Soup!

  • Eco-Action News, March 2019 
    Repair Café, Green Heart award,
    Agroecology and why it’s important for our degrading farmland.
    Talk: “What now? Next steps on climate change” by Christiana Figueres
    Interesting Reading, Grow Your Own Mixed Salad Leaves in Pots, Make Your Own Tsatsiki.

  • Eco-action News, June 2018  
    “Alternative Flower Beds” tour. Why Carbon Cutters promote grow-your-own food, Recipe of the Month, Grow your own Tomatoes.

  • Eco-action News, April 2018  This showcased a neat grid showing exactly what can and cannot be recycled and which bin to put things in; it also features the wonderful winning entries in our Futuristic Bike competition.

  • In February 2018 we started a new newsletter – Eco Action News – and hope that it will inspire young people to get involved in reducing the carbon footprint of our town. The first edition carried a competition for young people to design a futuristic bicycle, and both our local bike shops, Pedal Power and Behind Bars offered prizes including a free service for your bicycle. Read the first edition here.: Eco-Action News 1, Feb 2018