Apple pressing

Don’t let those apples go to waste! Carbon Cutters have a complete kit of apple crushers (both manual and electric), apple press, and pasteuriser, to turn your surplus apples into delicious juice and compostable waste. There are 2 options depending how many apples you have:

The apple press in action

Borrow our kit of apple crusher, press and pasteuriser for £20 a weekday – £25 for a Saturday or Sunday – book a day with Susie Howard on . You will have to collect and return the kit in good condition yourself.


We may be having the Community Freespace Sept 30th – October 12th, where you can bring your own apples and bottles – we will show you how to make the juice and only charge 20p a bottle for the use of the kit. Dates and times tbc. Email us at giving your preferred day and time: morning (10-1) or afternoon (1-4) .