Recording Of Q&A on COP26, Wednesday 20th at Larkmead School

Our meeting on Wednesday was a first for us: a direct link-up to the House of Commons where Layla Moran was waiting to vote on amendments to the Environment Bill. We were hosted by Larkmead school and Neil Fawcett, who is a councillor in OCC, the Vale, and Town councils, as well as running her constituency office, was there in person in case she was called away. In the event, Layla stayed for a full hour and Neil continued to field questions for a further 30 minutes.
Young people from the Abingdon DAMASCUS Youth Project had discussed what to ask Layla, and Ollie, age 16, who has recently started his apprenticeship in level 3 Youth Work there, attended the meeting and asked the questions on their behalf.
What shone through, apart from the sheer hard work and long hours both these politicians are putting in on our behalf, was their passionate commitment to the environment. We were left feeling very lucky to be represented by them both.
Sally Reynolds

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