“Tomorrow” film the best film on Climate Change for years

Documentary film “Tomorrow”

50 people gathered in the wonderful old barn at Stonehill House to watch the film, “Tomorrow” (“Demain” in French) on May 17th. Many of them braved the rain for a conducted tour of Stonehill Community Garden first, with its raised beds, chickens, cob pizza oven and fruit cages. Some even sampled the compost toilet!

The consensus was that the film is by far the best approach to climate change we have seen for a long time, showcasing people getting together to make a difference, whether growing food in urban market gardens in Detroit, mending bicycles in Totnes, spending local currency in Bristol or  kicking out the corrupt bankers in Iceland. 

Rob Hopkins was funny and relaxed in Totnes, the home of Transition Towns, while in India the ecologist and activist Vandana Shiva encouraged, not disobedience, but obedience to the “higher laws” of Gaia and of human rights. Another Indian activist, in the tiny village of Kuthambakkam, showed how democracy at the village level can improve the environment and transform people’s lives.

If you missed the film, there is still a chance to borrow a DVD and watch it at home. Email carbon.cutters@gmail.com with your phone number and the day you would like to borrow it.