Air-Source Heat Pump – Our Experience, by Guy Matthews

21 April 2021 @ 19:15 – 21:00
Zoom - Online

Tentative Announcement:

Wednesday 21st April, 2021

Talk by Guy Matthews:
The talk I had in mind is based around our experience of replacing a conventional condensing gas boiler with an air source heat pump and comparing its actual performance after one year with what was promised. 

The elements I had in mind so far were:
1. Introduction to how heat pumps work and the different types and how efficient they could be in theory.
2. Our home and the process of replacing our gas boiler in the context of the government’s renewable heat incentive scheme (RHI).
3. Lessons learned: things that could have gone wrong and what is it like to live with compared to a gas boiler?
4. System performance, economics under the RHI and running cost after one year compared to what was promised and the theoretical best.
5. Thoughts on the bigger picture – relevance of air source heat pumps and the RHI to reducing UK emissions.

Zoom connection details will be announced nearer the time.