Home Energy: Cut Costs, Keep Warm and Cut Carbon

Article written for the Abingdon Herald, September 2022, by Daniel Scharf.

The huge rise in gas and electricity prices constitutes a real crisis for many people.

OPACEC and Carbon Cutters are working together as part of the town’s Green Forum, to gather useful information and to invite residents of Abingdon to share their views.

We have a questionnaire on the Forum website: https://oneplanetabingdon.org/green-forum/ and will be talking with people who visit our stalls.

EPG: Energy Price Guarantee starts on 1st October, and for average homes will be £2,500 a year. If you are able to take steps to reduce energy, your bills will go down. If you use less, you pay less.

HOWEVER, many people are worried about how to pay their bills. You can contact your supplier to agree a payment plan. There are several places to go for advice, such as the CAB, and the Better Housing Better Health service run by OCC. You may be entitled to a grant or other financial help.

EASY STEPS to reduce energy:

  • Turn your heating thermostat down
  • turn off radiators in unused rooms
  • keep doors closed
  • don’t use a tumble dryer or dry clothes on radiators, use a drying rack
  • wear warm clothing eg a thermal vest, dressing gown
  • use a hot water bottle
  • draft-proof doors and windows as part of improving the air tightness in your house.

LARGER MEASURES require a whole house survey before prioritising work such as insulating your loft, cavity wall insulation, replacing draughty windows, or installing solar panels. Once your home is as airtight as possible you may consider an air source heat pump. Visit the Cosy Homes website and initially
ask for a free Plan Builder. https//cosyhomesoxfordshire.org

CARBON FOOTPRINT : If you can reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use, you will also be reducing your carbon emissions, and helping the country to achieve its net zero target.

VISIT US at our stall in the Undercroft (under the museum) on Saturdays 24th Sept and 1st Oct from 10am to 2pm, and at a market stall on Oct 15th and Dec 10th