How to Plant Trees on land in Abingdon

Trees are fabulous things – they can help with carbon storage, biodiversity & amenity; hopefully all three!

Abingdon Carbon Cutters can advise on all stages of the process. For more information or support, get in touch by email on

7 step process to planting trees in Abingdon:

Step 1: Identify the land you are interested in on google maps and note the grid reference: Click “Grid Reference Tools” and choose “Get Grid Reference from Map”. By clicking on the desired location, the 6-figure Grid reference will be shown.

Step 2: Find out who owns the land:

Recreational Town Council land can be found on:

Vale of White Horse District Council has contacts on it’s website:

The website also gives a link to other sources of information on land ownership:

Step 3: Consider the type of land you have – free-draining, often waterlogged, dry etc – these conditions will determine which trees will grow best.

Step 4: Apply for permission to plant trees on the land:

Councils have a “trees” person that will help decide which trees are suitable for the land.

Step 5: Organise your trees, stakes, mulch and tree-guards – you can fund them privately, via your local community, via a grant application or apply for free trees from the Woodland Trust. VWHDC, Oxfordshire CAG and Blenheim Palace are amongst other organisations that give grants for tree planting projects

Step 6: Organise a planting event for a soon as possible after the trees arrive. Note: trees of around 1m tall (whips) need to be planted Nov-Feb time. Trees are less likely to be vandalised if the local community plant them and take ownership of them.

Step 7: Decide how the trees are going to be weeded and watered-all trees need aftercare including weekly watering in the growing season for at least 3 years

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