National air pollution data and rating – now live! has relaunched with a new national air pollution data and rating system. COPI’s United Nations accredited free public service provides accurate and up-to-date air pollution data.

You can find out what you’re breathing where you live, work or play by going to and searching any UK address. The new percentile ranking systems means that it is easy to compare the air quality across the country, and the dropdown menu can be used to see the individual pollutant levels and health effects.

COPI carried out a thorough collection of reliable air pollution monitor data, contacting every single council authority in the UK and requesting their air quality ‘Annual Status Reports.’ The data is then mapped to every town and city across the UK, resulting in a data set laid out across the UK which can be used to understand air pollution across the country.

The UK government is acting too slowly on air pollution, with far off and unrealistic targets and no public awareness raising. COPI therefore stepped up to fill the gap! They are asking for everyone to share their new rating on all social media platforms.

Information is power. So let’s use it, and let’s share it.

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  1. It’s worth considering that a lot of air pollution comes from farming: my daughter and I got involved with a lichen survey and found that Oxfordshire does indeed have high levels of air pollution as a result of chemicals such as nitrous oxides and ammonia which are used for fertiliser, and contributes more than traffic fumes, which I had previously been led to fear the most.

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