ACC’s Eco-Action Newsletter, December 2021

Eco-Action News, December 2021
Our latest newsletter is out! Click on the above link for items on:

  • “Abingdon Cuts Plastic” news
  • “Abingdon Liveable Streets” Update
  • Trees Group Update
  • COP-26, first with Chris Church on September 22 and secondly with Layla Moran and Neil Fawcett on October 20th.
  • Pictures of ACC at the COP-26 Global March for Climate Action 6 November
  • Take Hardwood Cuttings of Blackcurrants!
  • Make Chocolate Truffles (can be GF, &/or vegan) !
  • Make a Lavender Bag
  • Eco Christmas Poem from Christine Whild
  • ‘Festive Season’ Wordsearch
  • Events

PS, If you want your truffles covered in smooth chocolate as shown in this photo, it can be done by melting chocolate in a bowl over hot water & dipping the truffles into it and leaving to cool on a silicone mat or greaseproof paper. Some gratings of chocolate are sprinkled on to the top before the truffle coating is completely dry.

Yummy Truffle