August Abundancy

Your tree is laden with apples, your courgettes turn into marrows. What to do?

1. Apple Pressing

Our three sets of apple pressing kit (electric crusher, press and pasteuriser) are ready to go. Below are our prices, held at last year’s levels: just email  to book a slot. You will need to collect the kit from central Abingdon, and clean it thoroughly before returning it. or passing it on to the next hirer. Provide your own jugs, containers and bottles (screw-top glass bottles work best).
Hire of the crusher, press and pasteuriser for home or school or club use :
£20 per weekday, £25 per day for Saturday or Sunday,
£5 less per day for a second day (£15 or £20).

2. Ongoing Bring and Buy Produce Table at St Ethelwolds gate

This is a brilliant way to save your lovely veg from going to waste, make someone else happy AND help the Abingdon Food Bank at the same time. Just leave your produce (ideally in paper bags or other re-useable bags) on the table at any time when the gates are open (the table is just inside the gates, which are open dawn till dusk), take anything you can use for a donation, and we do the rest. Over £500 has already been raised for the Food Bank in £1 donations!
Plant Produce Table

3. Share your recipes for using up gluts!

Email us on  with your favourite recipe for courgettes, or apples, or green tomatoes (!)
Here to start you off is the link to our Recipes Page
Below are some delicious recently-added courgette recipes: