Why we do it

As a country we are learning the hard way that if we spend more money than we are earning, the result will be financial crisis. In the same way, if we use up the Earth’s natural resources faster than they are being renewed, the result will be environmental crises. Climate change, caused mainly by burning fossil fuels, comes on top of that and is a huge long term threat. Our cold and dry winters are only a part of the bigger picture; the global average temperature for the first half of 2010 was in fact the warmest on record.

As first class passengers on spaceship Earth, we have a responsibility to bring our consumption in line with what the earth can support. You can be as green as you like personally, but by yourself you won’t make much difference. Government won’t take firm action unless they believe most people are ready to accept it.

But working together at a local level has real possibilities, local government takes more notice of us, and it’s more fun!

If you are interested, please contact us.