In February 2018 we started a new newsletter – Eco Action News – and hope that it will inspire young people to get involved in reducing the carbon footprint of our town. Read the latest edition here: EcoAction News March 2019

The first edition carries a competition for young people to design a futuristic bicycle, and both our local bike shops, Pedal Power and Behind Bars offered prizes including a free service for your bicycle.

Read the first edition here.: Abingdon Eco-Action News 1, Feb 2018

For the second edition we opted for an electronic format: Eco-action News April 2018 

This showcased a neat grid showing exactly what can and cannot be recycled and which bin to put things in; it also features the wonderful winning entries in our Futuristic Bike competition.

The third edition came out in June: Eco-action News June 2018 

and has a lovely record of our “Alternative Flower Beds” tour. Further editions: