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The Perennial Bee Beds just got bigger!

The Vale Council were so pleased with our perennial bee beds last year, they have cleared an equal-sized space the other end of the same bed so we now have twice the area! A few weekends ago, 6 people planted 1060 bulbs in the new area! Watch out for a splendid display next Spring!  

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“Tomorrow” film the best film on Climate Change for years

50 people gathered in the wonderful old barn at Stonehill House to watch the film, “Tomorrow” (“Demain” in French) on May 17th. Many of them braved the rain for a conducted tour of Stonehill Community Garden first, with its raised beds, chickens, cob pizza oven and fruit cages. Some even sampled the compost toilet! The […]

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AGM and Abbey Meadow walk

25 people gathered in the Hearth at St Ethelwolds House to hear about ACC’s successful year. Linda presented the accounts, Cliff gave the chairman’s report, and Peter Lefort explained the wonderful “infographic” produced by CAG to give a visual representation of what we have achieved this year: you can see it here: ACC 2015 (1) After […]

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Hydro shares go on sale at last!

Shares in Abingdon Hydro’s co-operative hydro-electric scheme at Abingdon weir went on sale on Saturday at the launch in the Guildhall. Investment of £1.25 million is needed, and the directors are keen that most of this should come from small investors, i.e. local people. The shares are eligible for a 30% tax rebate under the […]

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Green Film Night issues a challenge on Climate Change

The historic barn at Stonehill House was a fitting place to watch a historic speech on the moral imperative of Climate Change, by the feisty Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres. She talked about love – for ourselves, each other, and the planet, as being an essential component of the solution to the problem of climate change. […]

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Fun (and rain!) in the Park

Carbon Cutters joined forces with Abingdon Hydro and the Church in Abingdon on a stall at Fun in the Parks. After a thorough soaking at 10am the sun shone, multiple bananapple smoothies were made (C in A provided the fruit, we provided the smoothie bike) and we had many and illustrious visitors, from the new […]

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Bees and their friends get a boost with new beds!

The pollinator-friendly “bee-beds” are back in action by the public loos on Abbey Meadows – and we now have two NEW beds, between the ice-cream kiosk and the river, which have been planted with pollinator-friendly perennials. Do take a look! For the names of the flowers, go to our “Bee-friendly flowers” page.      

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Wildflowers will soon bloom on Abbey Meadow

Carbon Cutters got together with other Abingdon residents on Saturday to sow wildflowers on Abbey Meadow under the expert guidance of Merton head gardener and Abingdon Carbon Cutter, Lucille Savin. Here is what we can expect to see over the next few years: Yarrow Common KnapweedWild CarrotField ScabiousOxeye DaisyBirdsfoot TrefoilRibwort PlantainCowslipSelfhealMeadow ButtercupRed CampionWild Red CloverTufted […]

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