Cutting Plastic

Abingdon Cuts Plastic is our newest, most active group.

The TV series “Blue Planet” woke us all up to the harm plastic is doing to the environment. We felt we had to do something!

We started by asking businesses in Abingdon to look for alternatives to plastic wherever possible. We asked cafes to stop using single-use plastic cups and straws, and to offer to refill people’s water-bottles on demand.

Read more about the scheme here: Refill Abingdon

Download a Refill poster here: REFILL POSTER




Our aim is for all individuals, businesses and organisations in our town to reduce their use of disposable plastic, and to refuse or re-use it if possible. The ultimate goal is the elimination of single-use plastic – cups, lids, straws, bags and packaging.

We’ve joined “Plastics-Free Communities”, (which started in Penzance and now has a membership of over 330 communities in the UK), and have started to invite local businesses to sign up to earn a Plastic free Champion sticker.

– We’ve been invited to talk to the Rotary Club about our initiatives.

– We’re aiming to expand the number of food and drinks retailers signed up to the Refill scheme.

– We encourage people to take their own containers to buy SESI detergents, fabric conditioner, handsoap and toilet cleaner at Added Ingredients shop in Stert Street. More info here : SESI_AddedIngredients_PosterA4

– The Mayor of Abingdon supports our drive to eliminate single-use plastics from takeaways, the Fair, and market stalls.

– We have circulated a free sheet on “Plastic-free gardening”.

– This autumn we’ll be working closely with local schools and the College to involve pupils and students in reducing the use of plastics in the school environment.

Want to get involved? Come to one of our meetings, or drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch.