Apple Day was a great success

Mums at the Children’s Centre made the banner…

Apple Day at South Abingdon Children’s Centre and Caldecott Primary School was a great success for the second year running. Lots of children, parents and friends had fun sampling freshly prepared apple juice and delicious soup made by school pupils and served with bread made during the event. Parents and staff provided a lovely range of cakes to have with a drink. Plans for the outdoor learning ‘Forest School’ were on display and visitors were invited to sponsor a tree. The site for the development was laid out so that everyone could get a sense of what is being done. The Mayor, Mrs Monica Lovett, came along to see progress and to enjoy the local food on offer. Advice was available on how to grow your own vegetables, identify apples, get delicious honey from local bees. Wooden toys and goods made by the Pathway Workshop were available as were bags made from natural fibres from Kenya. Abingdon Archery Club were also on hand to give everyone a chance to try their hand, but no-one got to try to knock an apple from anyone’s head! Financially the day was successful with well over £400 being raised towards the costs of the Forest School Project.

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